House of Bound Hosts: Toy

TOY (she/her) is a masochistic cuck-servant with a penchant for dark rooms and terrifying people. She has been in and out of the BDSM and rope scene for over 10 years and has been educating internationally as well as in her local community of Ottawa/Montreal/Toronto for about 5. She is passionate about sharing her experience with other bottoms so they can safely explore some of the scarier and more intimate aspects of psychological and emotional play. As an educator, she firmly believes in classes that include both top and bottom perspectives, as it empowers both to create a safer and ultimately more fulfilling scene or dynamic.

Wednesday August 10th @ 7pm-9pm -$30


How to take more pain: A Bottoms approach

Don't you love it when you get "top-splained" by well-meaning(?) Tops who think they know how bottoms process and tolerate painful experiences? 

In this lecture/discussion, we'll look at practical techniques for pain management (beyond being told just to "breathe"). We'll discuss the differences in types of pain (joint, deep tissue, skin, surface, abrasions, etc), and look at ways to lengthen and endure more in our scenes.

We will also talk about active-bottoming and ways we can help our Tops bring us further than we thought possible.

Please keep in mind that this is a bottom-focused workshop, and we ask that all participants be in bottom headspace while participating. This class will be part lecture, part discussion.

No Materials needed.

Thursday August 11th @ 7pm-9pm -$40

Needles 101.jpg

Needles 101

An introduction to basic needle play. We will explore safety and preparation - as well as the materials necessary to start playing with needles in a safe and fun way! We will discuss negotiations that keep both partners physically and emotionally safe. We will also discuss pain processing from the bottom's perspective as well as dealing with emergency situations from both sides!

Participants can learn and practice on a partner, or on themselves, subject to negotiation and supervision.
No previous experience is needed. 


If students would like to practice - it is suggested they bring some hypodermic needles. (25-20g)

Cleaning supplies and sharps will be provided. 

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